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12 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

The future isn’t real. And it’s KILLING your ability to get anything done. Here’s why… According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, we tend to put tasks into one of two categories: Now and later. And guess what? Later tasks never get done! Which only leaves now. But now is a tricky place. Especially when it comes to building a network marketing […]

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Why I Stopped Blindly Following My Upline’s Advise And Did This Instead…

I thought I was doing everything right by following my upline’s advise. She had started way before me. So, she should know how it works, right? But I learned the hard way, just because your upline has been successful building their team a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Especially with how things have […]

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3 Types of Facebook Ads That Every Network Marketer Should be Using

Do you think you have to have a large advertising budget to run effective ads on Facebook? ​Be honest, we all do when we first hear the words, “advertising budget”.  If I have to budget for it, it must be expensive. It’s one of the beliefs that I had when I first hopped on Facebook and tried to […]

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5 Foolproof Ways to Pull In New Prospects Using Sherlock Holmes Logic

Who loves a good Sherlock Holmes movie or TV show? Me!!! Are you listening to your prospects and really knowing how to best find a solution to their pains, wants and desires? This blog was written buy our guest writer, Andrew Draughon. He goes into the 5 Foolproof ways to prospect like Sherlock Holmes and discover how to […]

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Five Steps to Crush Procrastination for Good

Do you ever procrastinate?  If you said no, never, I would ask you if you’ve never put a something off? Going to the gym, calling your mother, taking a shower, creating that post that you know you need to get done, picking a college? I want to share this article written by guest contributor, J.T. DeBolt, Director of […]

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