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The Big Bad Scary Word… Entrepreneur

Are the people in this photo above Entrepreneurs, Business Owners or Network Marketers?

I was honored to get to know these people at a workshop I attended in Chicago this September. I heard their stories, saw their tears and cried along with them at times, but one thing I do know is that these new friends of mine are Entrepreneurs. 

How do I know?

First, when someone says Entrepreneur, what does that mean to you? What pops into your mind?

Business owner
Large Company
Someone that's rich

I Googled the definition of entrepreneur, and honestly, the definition is pretty simple but also a bit lacking in what I believe is the entire scope of being an entrepreneur.




plural noun: entrepreneurs

  1. a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. 
    *from the Google Dictionary
  2. a person who attempts to make a profit by starting a company or by operating alone in the business world, esp. when it involves taking risks:
    *from the Cambridge Dictionary

When I read the first definition, I thought of someone that is already successful, even though it doesn't exactly say that. But when I read the second definition, the key word is attempts to make a profit. 

So, have all the the people in the photo above been successful as far as starting a company or operating alone in the business world. Of course not, but quite of few of them have been very successful in their businesses. 

Would you call only the successful people entrepreneurs?

Not by the second definition I provided. Every single one of these people are either attempting to make a profit by starting a company or operating alone in the business world, and some of them have already gotten there. They are all entrepreneurs.

And most of them are in network marketing. Does that mean all network marketers are entrepreneurs?

My answer would be, No.

Many people get into Network Marketing because they think they can get into a business, usually with very little expense and with very little time invested. Two of the main components that you need a lot of in order to be an entrepreneur. 

Once they run out of their warm market things start to fizzle because honestly, it's a lot of work to recruit in a cold market and if they are trying to do it on social media without the right system and training, good luck.

Every single person in this photo above invested a lot of both time and money to attend this workshop. They are growing and leveraging the skills required to be an Entrepreneur rather than just another network marketer.

The thought that you can build a company without an investment is the reason why network marketing gets such a bad rap. I know I personally got into network marketing totally by accident. 

First it was to pay for my product and it seemed like fun. Then it was to make enough to cover what I was earning in my small business. And then, I could see the possibility of how it could change not only my life but the lives of others as I built a team of other entrepreneurs. Doing it right, makes an impact so much bigger than myself.

An Entrepreneur keeps thinking bigger and better than where they are currently at. They are willing to invest in the time and money to reach their goals and fulfill their passions.

What about a Business Owner, more specifically a small business owner. If you have one person in your business, you, and have no plans on hiring others then you probably are not an entrepreneur. You're not growing or rather, you are only growing as far as the time you have to do everything yourself. You can't expand because you only have so many hours in the day. 

In my previous business that's where I had ended up. I didn't know how to expand because I honestly didn't have the background or training to do it. 

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